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Abhyasa Vidyalayam, founded by Deepa Memorial Charitable Trust (1995) came into existence to uphold the noble cause of providing Quality Education to Economically underprivileged children.
The school is located on a hillock in Gunadala, Vijayawada.Economic backwardness should not deprive children of quality education. Keeping this idea in mind the children from such families have been given free education.The curriculum is child-centered, the teaching concept based and activity oriented and the environment is stress-free and fears free. We believe that curiosity is natural and innate and learning when joyful, doesn’t stop with schooling but continues forever.

There are around 200 children, 21 teaching staff, and 6 non-teaching staff.So far around 3000 children have been benefited since its conception in 1993 and they are now at various places pursuing their passions and leading dignified and responsible lives.

The School is in Need of around $4000 a year to overcome financial difficulties. We kindly request you to donate to this good cause.

As an outsider of Abhyasa observing the school’s teaching methodology, i felt like sharing the little conversations i had with two of its students. Both Anne and Medha both took their tenth exam recently.

Anne who joined this school in her sixth grade loved the school’s library the most. “Be it a tenth grader or a first grader, we all go and leave the school same time”, was Anne’s first statement! Anne realized much later how she picked math concepts through craft class. She wants to take maths with science combination in her plus two (intermediate), who is expecting A1 (91 – 100%) score in her tenth public exam.

Medha speaks emotionally about the school. “I hated the school when my parents took me in the midst of my eighth grade to Abhayasa. I thought my parents joined me there as i would not have got the seat anywhere. I moved from Nalanda to NSM school where i did not fit in. With no fans in the class and so unlike of my earlier huge structured buildings , so what it just took me two days to fall in love with my classmates and teachers. I didn’t know more than four letters of Telugu then but my Jyotsna teacher helped me to be proficient in Telugu! And my Malathi teacher …, ” reels out enthusiastically Medha. She wants to give her first earnings to her school who is aspiring to do her architecture course.

Talking to the students reinforced my feelings about the school.

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